Onycosolve Spray - Feet and Nail Care

  • Natural ingredients *
  • No prescription needed * *
  • Helps relieve the itching and odor *
  • Helps the restoration of the soft skin *

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How to use

Clean the skin and gently wipe it dry with a napkin or towel

Apply the spray and rub it into the damaged spots 2-3 times daily


OAK bark extract
This ingredient is well- known for its beneficial and preventive properties, which help relieve the irritating itchiness and odor. Containing tannins , it can help the anti- inflammatory process and might bring the natural softness of the feet back to normal.

Angelica Archangelica
Due to its efficiency in cases of fungus and bacterial infections, this natural herb took its dedicated place in the folk medicine centuries ago. It is even known to have been used as an effective treatment against the plague back in the days.

Salvia Officinalis
Widely used in cases of skin diseases, this ingredient can reach even the deepest layers of epidermis, moisturizing and making the skin soft and gentle. As such it is often used as a treatment for skin cracks and flakiness.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
This ingredient is well- known to medicine for its healing and preventive powers. By attacking the fungal cells directly, not only can it relieve the state of the current infection, but it may also prevent it from reappearing in the long run.

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** Please note that Onycosolve is not considered a medication (or a pharmaceutical drug), but rather a cosmetic product that assists in fighting fungal problems.